House in Saikai


Location is  surrounded by bamboo forest and mountain green.

We can feel a stretch of sky.

Architecture consists of only two elements ”roof and wall”.

The roof's shape is umbrella inside out.

Umbrella's form is primitive, rational structure. 

It can surpass rain and create large space.

However, we cannot feel atmosphere of outside .

In this project, the umbrella is turned upside down.

Then,the residents are surrounded by the scenery.

The wall layout is arranged like the windmill.
Windmill begin to turn, when wind flows.
Like that, the nature flows to inside,when we walk.

The residents will feel atmosphere of nature everywhere.

The movement of the sky ,the sun, the cloud, green and wind.




completed :2008.07
place: Saikai city,Nagasaki,JPN
site area:1210u
foot print :114.72u
total area:114.72u



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